Academic Services

At the Neenah Joint School District, we fundamentally believe that all students can learn.  Students learn best from teachers that use research-based instructional strategies and assessment tools to inform instruction.  We believe students must also be engaged in rigorous and relevant activities that are presented by an engaging and personable teacher. We believe that a school culture must manifest a pervasive attitude of "a passion for excellence for every student, in every classroom, and every day."

We believe a  successful education formula consist of two variables. The art of education added to the science of education equals personal growth and self fulfillment for both a student and a teacher.   We define the art of education as the personal connections between adults and students that is motivating, inspiring and supported with appreciation for each other.  The science of education is knowing what students should learn, planning how they are going to learn and assessing their learning. 

2016-17 Neenah Joint School District Notice of Academic Standards

The Neenah Joint School District curriculum is aligned to meet Wisconsin Academic Standards. English/Language Arts and mathematics courses will continue to follow Common Core State Standards in grades K-12.  Social studies courses in grades 9-12 are aligned to College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Technology Education, Family and Consumer Science and Business Information Technology courses use the Wisconsin CTE Standards for alignment. The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards were used to develop the four-year- old kindergarten curriculum which will begin its second year of implementation this fall.