Tullar Elementary Home

Tullar Elementary
925 Tullar Road
Neenah, WI  54956

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Mascot: Tullar Tigers School Colors: Navy Blue and White
Location & History: Tullar Elementary has been the same site for more than 130 years. The most recent building was built in the 1950s with an addition in 1969. Once the Town of Neenah School, the school is named after the farmer who donated the land for the school. Tullar now sits within the city of Neenah, but not long ago it was surrounded by cow pastures. The staff at Tullar Elementary is a healthy blend of veteran staff and new hires.
Grades served:. . .kindergarten, grades 1-5
Enrollment:. . . . . . approximately 410 students
School sequence:. Elementary School . . . . . . . . . .Tullar Elementary
                                   Middle School, Grade 6 . . . . . . .Horace Mann Middle School
                                   Middle School, Grades 7 & 8. . . .Shattuck Middle School
                                   High School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Neenah High School
Distinctive Academic Programs: Tullar Elementary is a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems) School.  Our PBIS program focuses on teaching students expected behaviors, and ensuring that all staff have consistent high expectations for our Tigers.  A component of our PBIS framework includes important character traits.  This school wide citizenship program stresses the need for children to be a positive part of the larger community.  In addition to academic success at Tullar, our students understand the impact they each have upon our society as a whole.  Monthly projects have included collecting cans for the Salvation Army, Box Tops for Education and fundraising to adopt needy families over the holidays.
Parental Involvement: The Tullar parent organization is organized as a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). The group meets monthly and lends its support to cultural arts events, enriching family activities and funding for field trips. The PTO has supported an artist-in-residence program for several years that has introduced publishing, watercolor painting, character education programs and song writing to the students.   The PTO at Tullar is a dynamic group that is committed to the success of our school program, and supports our curriculum with enrichment programs.  They also are strong supporters of education and our staff.
Extra Curricular Activities: Student Council, Homework Tutoring Club, Kids Care Service Club, Tullar School Store ("The Tiger Stop"), community based  basketball and soccer teams, YMCA before and after school daycare programs, Scouts, orchestra lessons, Running Club, Jump Rope and Hula Hoop Club and after school foreign language programming.