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Clayton Elementary
2916 West Fairview Road
Neenah, Wi  54956
(920) 751-6950
Fax: (920) 836-2881

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Mascot Clayton Cougars School Colors: Navy and white

A true country school, Clayton Elementary School was constructed in 1958 as a consolidation of five small rural schoolhouses: Lonely Oak, Beaver Dam, Oakdale, Clayton Center and Valley Brook. Clayton School joined the Neenah Joint School District in 1962. The building was expanded in 1969 and 1992.

Clayton School covers the largest (square miles) attendance area among all Neenah elementary schools. A blend of farm families, country dwellers and those from new subdivision developments all attend Clayton.  
Grades Served   .  . .  . . . . . Kindergarten - 5
Students Served . . . . . . . .  Approximately 280 students
School Sequence .   .  .  . . . Elementary School . . . . . . . . . . . Clayton
      6th Grade Middle School . . . . . . Horace Mann
      7th & 8th Grade Middle School . . Shattuck
      High School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Neenah High School

Academic Programs  Clayton Elementary School focuses on each student's unique educational needs.  For example, Clayton is in the process of enhancing its literacy program through guided reading and other balanced literacy approaches.  The school has organized a vast library of reading materials for students that meets their individual learning styles and development.  Teachers also employ a program for students to master math facts, designed to meet individual student need.

Community Service  An example of Clayton’s emphasis on community and school service, the Clayton Elementary School custodian coordinates a student cleaning crew that coincides with the school recess schedule. Students sign up to be on a crew, learn their tasks and commit to a schedule. Additionally, Clayton students support a variety of causes including Coats for Kids, the Salvation Army, Random Acts of Kindness and “Give A Kid A Book” drive.

Fitness and Nutrition  The Clayton school community values the health of its members.  We know that fitness and nutrition are related to student success.  Relative to fitness, the school has joined the Walk to Win program in which students, staff and parents establish walking goals.  We held our first Fitness Fair in February 2007 and hope to make this an annual event.  In terms of nutrition, students are encouraged to prepare and eat healthy snacks and lunches at school.  The school has developed a Wellness Committee to continue to explore ways of maintaining a healthy school community.

Parental Involvement The Clayton parent organization is organized as a PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The group meets monthly and divides its generous budget amongst support for student field trips and assemblies, teacher reward programs for students, and other special events such as the author visit.  The PTA recently designated substantial funds for reading books for students.

With the support of the Parent Teacher Association, Clayton is in the process of developing a Peace Garden on the north side of the building that has the theme of diversity.  A "peace pole" and flower box with perennials that bloom as the American flag have already been installed.  A walking trail in honor of Steve Dreger, former principal, was dedicated in the fall of 2006.   

Extra-curriculars Student Council, Junior Achievement, Boy and Girl Scouts, Soccer and Destination Imagination.