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Mascot: Rockets 

School Colors: Red and White

Vision:  Every student will learn in literacy rich classrooms to become independent problem solvers using a real world relevant curriculum.  Horace Mann Middle School was converted into a 6th grade only school in 2008.  In 2015, Horace Mann hosted its first group of 5th grade students in the Magnet GT program and will also host 4th grade students in the Magnet GT program beginning in 2016. Horace Mann educates 6th grade students using the house concept to create schools within the school.  Horace Mann currently has four houses or teams: Argonauts, Navigators, Phoenix, and Voyagers.  Each house has approximately 115 students and four teachers who teach Math, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, and Social Studies.

Grades Served   .  . .  . . . .4th Grade Magnet, 5th Grade Magnet & 6th Grade

Students Served. . . . . . .Approximately 520

School Sequence .   .  .  .  .4th Grade Magnet, 5th Grade Magnet & 6th Grade - Horace Mann

                                        7th and 8th Grade - Shattuck Middle School

                                        9th-12th - Grade Neenah High School

Academic Programs  Horace Mann provides a diverse curriculum that focuses on providing students with a solid foundation for success in the real world.  Literacy skills are a primary focus at Horace Mann where readers and writers of all abilities are challenged and supported within 70 minute ELA class periods. Students learn foundations of Math in differentiated classrooms based on the skills they demonstrate when they arrive at Horace Mann.  In addition to Math and ELA, students build upon their skills in the area of Science, Wellness Education, Art, and Social Studies.  Sixth grade students will also take a World Language class which focuses on learning about different cultures from around the world with an emphasis on the Spanish language.  Fifth and sixth grade students can also choose from the following musical opportunities: Choir, String Orchestra, Band and General Music.  For more information about our classes please visit our registration page.  

Fitness and Nutrition  Horace Mann places a high value on students being healthy in both body and mind.  Our Wellness Education classes and Fuel Up to Play 60 committee work to create a school environment where lifetime fitness is modeled and promoted.  

Extra-curriculars Student Council, Newspaper, Chess Club, Archery, Yearbook, Art Club, Forensics, Drama, Middle Fiddle, Pep Band, Fuel Up to Play 60 and more. Activities are subject to change throughout the school year.