Neenah Joint School District - Board of Education Packets Neenah Joint School District - Board of Education Packets en-us Board of Education Agenda 6-18-13 // Agenda 6-18-131.pdf Unofficial Board of Education Minutes 6-4-13 // BOE Minutes 6-4-13.pdf Early Entrance to Kindergarten // Entrance to Kindergarten.pdf Employment of Personnel // of Personnel24.pdf Presentation of Accounts // of Accounts12.pdf Investment Report // Report11.pdf Designation of Public Depositories // of Public Depositories1.pdf Legal Services Contract // Services Contract1.pdf 2013-14 Administrative and Exempt Compensation Plans // Administrative and Exempt Compensation Plans.pdf 2012-13 School Budget Final Revisions // School Budget Final Revisions.pdf 2013-14 Student Fees // Student Fees.pdf Employee Policy Manual // Policy Manual1.pdf Homeless Policy Revision // Policy Revision.pdf Unofficial Finance & Personnel Committee Minutes 6-4-13 // F&PC Minutes 6-4-13.pdf District Assessment Results Report-1 of 2 // Assessment Results Report-1 of 2.pdf District Assessment Results Report-2 of 2 // Assessment Results Report-2 of 2.pdf