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Shattuck Middle School
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Neenah, WI 54956
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“The Rock” 
“Strength, solidarity, and consistency in education”


Mascot:  Shattuck Rockets        Colors: Red and White

Located in the heart of historic Neenah, Shattuck Middle School was constructed in 1928 as an 84,900 square foot building that served as a high school building.  Currently, Shattuck is the home to all of Neenah’s seventh and eighth grade students.  While the original building maintains its rich history, it has been renovated five times beginning in 1953, to expand its size to 224,923 square feet to accommodate more students and staff.

Grades Served:  7-8

Students Served:  Approximately 950

Number of Teaching Faculty:  70 full and part time teachers

Number of Staff Members:  Approximately 120 full and part time staff members

Number of Guidance Staff Members:  3 full time Guidance Counselors

Number of School Administrators:  2

Academic Success:  Shattuck Middle School offers its students a level of rigorous classroom instruction while meeting the needs of the dynamic adolescent learner.  By providing a wide variety of course offerings from which students can choose but also committing extensive resources to vital core academic content, our students are prepared for taking the next step to becoming a young adult learner.  At Shattuck, all students are supported through advanced level curricular offerings as evidenced by its offering of high school courses taught right here at Shattuck.  These courses include Advanced English, Advanced Physical Science, Advanced Geometry, Art Foundations, Spanish, French, and Introduction to Business.  The faculty and staff are committed to addressing the needs of the unique twenty-first century learner by planning an academic program suitable for any student.


Opportunity:  The staff and faculty at Shattuck Middle School encourage our students to explore many different curricular and co-curricular offerings in order to satisfy their intellectual and social curiosities.  Students are offered courses in technology, business, the arts, foreign language, and wellness.  The opportunity for all students to expand their horizons is extended beyond the classroom by providing students the opportunity to involve themselves in extensive co-curricular activities from jazz band to forensics to drama to art and even as far as fishing!  Of course athletics and the arts are offered to all students as co-curriculars and our learning community is made more vibrant as a result of our students’ desire to challenge themselves to engage in these new endeavors!


Support:  We know that in the twenty-first century, our learners are unique and because of this, Shattuck Middle School has developed its academic program with the needs of all learners in mind.  From our programs aimed at our most vulnerable students academically and socially, to our student-centered programs aimed at enriching our students’ overall experience at Shattuck, we understand that all of our students grow in their own unique way.  To this end, Shattuck’s A.I.M.S., BLAST, Reading Support, and Math Support programs offer the services students need to enjoy a great educational experience at Shattuck!


Community:  Shattuck Middle School has taken the opportunity to engage the greater Neenah community by creating a Parent Advisory Council which participates in Shattuck’s larger vision of shared decision-making.  Additionally, Shattuck has partnered with the Neenah Rotary Club and Goodwill Industries Inc. to engage our students and staff in community learning.  We are fortunate to live in a community that cares about its children and have partnered with this community to engage all citizens of Neenah in conversations and activities that enhance our schools.


Shattuck Middle School offers an array of curricular offerings as well as opportunities for each of our students to grow outside the classroom.  As a vital part of the greater Neenah community, Shattuck Middle School is committed to educating the next generation of Neenah residents!