Student Assistance Program (SAP)

General Student Assistance Program Information

In an effort to promote a healthy school environment, the Student Assistance Program works in several ways. It not only provides a prevention element by educating students to make good decisions about the use of alcohol and drug abuse but also provides an early identification and intervention with students having chemical abuse or misuse problems or concerns, problems that can impede success in school.

How the program works:
The SAP office at your student's school receives referrals in the following ways:
    1. A teacher has concerns about a student's possible chemical use.
    2. A parent or guardian feels that his/her student could use some help in dealing with alcohol and/or other drug issues.
    3. The student wants help in dealing with alcohol and/or other drug issues.

Once a referral is received, the SAP staff will make recommendations for the student such as:
   * seeing a school counselor
   * joining a school based or community based support group
   * educational materials
   * visiting with an agency counselor or assessment person
   * consulting with a medical doctor For more information, contact 920-751-6900 ext 16116