Clayton Elementary School is nestled in the countryside west of the city of Neenah overlooking the valley. We currently have approximately 280 students with two classrooms at each grade level, Kindergarten through grade 5.

The enrollment in our attendance area has grown substantially over the past few years.  Many new subdivisions have been developed, which has attracted families to the area. 

We have a focus on student success at Clayton and we know that fitness and nutrition are integrally connected with student achievement.  We have established a Wellness Committee composed of staff members, parents and a community member with the mission of improving the overall health of the Clayton school community.

The experienced staff at Clayton is dedicated to maintaining a rich tradition of academic excellence focused on meeting the needs of each student.  Exemplified in curricular areas such as literacy and math, our staff continues to apply best practices to meet each student's needs.

Clayton School hosts the only official district Parent Teacher Association (PTA). This organization, together with all of our outstanding parents, provide volunteer and financial support throughout the year to Clayton students and staff. 

Clayton Elementary School is truly a special place.

Amy McKeefry, Principal