Retiree Information

2017 NJSD Retiree Insurance Information

2017 Insurance Benefits Flipbook
2017 Health Plan Comparisons
Benefit Rate Sheet
Health Plan Provider Directories
WPS Buy-Down Plan Details
WPS Core Plan Details
WPS Buy-Up Plan Details
Open Enrollment Meeting Presentation

Other Retiree Information

2017 Retiree Memorandum
2017 memo to all retirees listing information found in the Web Site
Retirement Stipend Schedule 2017
Schedule of Stipend payments for January 2017 through February 2018
Social Security Instruction Letter
This letter can be used to give information to the Social Security Administration concerning retirees under age 65 collecting Social Security Benefit and NJSD Retirement benefit.
Letter to Social Security Administration
Special Wage Payments
A new form created by SSA for reporting retiree earnings.
Federal W-4 form
IRS Federal Income Tax withholding W4 form
Wisconsin Withholding form WT-4
State of WI Income Tax Withholding form WT-4
Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Form necessary for you to change the financial institution where your payroll deposit goes.
Life Insurance Beneficiary Form
Beneficiary Election Form for MetLife Life Insurance
NJSD District Web Store Payment Instructions
Neenah Joint School District Web Store instructions for use to pay your health, dental or life insurance premiums.
2006-2011 Retiree Beneficiary form
The Stipend Beneficiary form that is for retirees of 2006-2011.
Skyward Access Enrollment and Information